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HipMojo 17B: Replacing Google vs Facebook founders

In part 2 of show 17 of HipMojo, Ash and CT debate on who would be harder to replace, Google's Sergey Brin and Larry Page or Facebook's ... tags: ashkan karbasfrooshan ceo ct moore eric Schmidt facebook founders google

Kilas VOA 9 November 2011

PM Italia Silvio Berlusconi menyatakan akan mengundurkan diri. Lucas Papademos terpilih sebagai PM sementara Yunani, IAEA Konfirmasi ... tags: Iran Nuclear Mark Zuckerberg PapademosBerlusconiIran NuclearMark ZuckerbergPapademos

Preview of Mark Zuckerberg & Sheryl Sandberg

Preview of exclusive interview with Facebook Leadership Mark Zuckerberg, CEO/Co-Founder Sheryl Sandberg, COO tags: Mark ZuckerbergEntertainmentfacebookMark ZuckerbergMark_Zuckerberg

Forbes The World's Most Powerful People 2011

Forbes editors count down and discuss the top 10 most powerful people in the world. The World's Most Powerful People tags: angela merkel ben bernanke bill gates business china david cameron europe

Google's Secret Weapon

How the company's first chef helped recruit. - tags: Apple Apple Inc. Calafia Charlie Ayers chef Facbook food

Google's First Chef Cooked For Steve Jobs

Charlie Ayers shares stories about Apples former Chief visiting his restaurant. - tags: Apple Apple Inc. Calafia Charlie Ayers chef Facbook food

EmTechspain: Los 10 jóvenes españoles más innovadores

Ms vdeos en Te suena el Premio TR35 Parahacerte una idea de su prestigio apunta A nivel mundial en aos anteriores ha recibido ... tags: 2011 ciencia emtech emtechspain Facebook farmacia I+D