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Angry Nerd - The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and the Evolution of CG Dragons

For years, its been a fantasy cinema rule that real actors and CG dragons just dont mixever. With the new release of The Hobbit The ... tags: bilbo_bagginscgicgi_dragonscommentarycomputer_generated_imagerycriticismcultural_criticism

Design FX - Thor The Dark World: Previsualization Effects Exclusive

To create the world of Asgard in Thor The Dark World, filmmaker Alan Taylor enlisted the help of digital effects company The Third Floor. ... tags: aaron_tayloraaron_taylor_interviewanthony_hopkinschris_hemsworthdesignfxguideidris_elba

Design FX - Ender's Game: Creating a Zero-G Battle Room Effects Exclusive

A signature sequence in Gavin Hoods newest film Enders Game is the zero-G battle room, a place where the titular character played by Asa ... tags: behind_the_scenescg_effectsdesigndigital_domainenders_gamemoviesnew

Design FX - Game of Thrones: Dragon Effects Exclusive

Daenerys Targaryen's dragons on HBO's Games of Thrones are fan favorites, and WIRED has an incredible, exclusive look at how they were ... tags: animationbaby_dragonbroockcgicharactercreaturedaenerys

Design FX - Elysium: Futuristic Effects Exclusive

WIRED has an exclusive look at the visual effects of Director Neill Blomkamp's dark futuristic thriller, Elysium. Find out how the artists ... tags: animationblomkampcgidesigndistrict_9earthelysium

Design FX - Pacific Rim: Designing Destruction Effects Exclusive

WIRED breaks down an exclusive clip from 'Pacific Rim' with John Knoll, Chief Creative Officer from Industrial Light Magic, exploring how ... tags: designmoviesnewnewsSeason:_2013Series:_Design_FXspecial_effects

Design FX - World War Z: Building a Better Zombie Effects Exclusive

WIRED's exclusive behind the scenes look at the making of 'World War Z' reveals how the visual effects artists at MPC used massive crowd ... tags: after_effectsanimationblockbusterbookbrad_pittcgidesign

Design FX - Man of Steel: Designing Krypton's Tech Effects Exclusive

WIRED and traveled to Wellington, New Zealand for an exclusive look at the work of acclaimed visual effects studio WETA Digital ... tags: Amy_Adamsblockbuster_visual_effectsClark_KentdesignexclusiveGeneral_ZodHenry_Cavill

Design FX - Fast & Furious 6: Explosive Effects Exclusive

In this exclusive video from WIRED and Conde Nast Entertainment, find out how director Justin Lin filmed Dominic Toretto's Vin Diesel's ... tags: animationAntonovbroockcarschasechipChris_Bridges

Fire breaks out onset of The Coup starring Owen Wilson

A fire broke out on the set of Hollywood movie 'The Coup' being filmed in Thailand, starring Owen Wilson and Lake Bell. tags: BlazeEntertainmentHollywoodOn_SetoutOwen_WilsonSpecial_Effects